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PayZen Chief Product Officer

The PayZen team is thrilled to announce that, this week, veteran product leader Praveen Chandran joined us as Chief Product Officer to scale and extend our product development globally.

Utilizing the power of AI, PayZen is on a mission to bring financial health to healthcare using an advanced technology platform that solves the affordability problem for patients and medical providers end-to-end. This results in happier, healthier patients and improved financial outcomes for providers. As Chief Product Officer, Praveen will be scaling PayZen’s product team and offerings to continue bringing tremendous value to consumers and health systems. 

A Career Journey Paving the Way for Healthcare Transformation

Praveen is an experienced startup founder and product leader with a demonstrated history of generating top-line growth and optimizing the bottom line. Though he started his career as a software engineer, he pivoted early on into product management. From there, he grew to touch every aspect of product management over the 16 years of his product career. In 2014, he founded Liri, a unified workflow app for enterprises. Prior to PayZen, he worked at Affirm, where he expanded their product team for three large product areas, scaling those teams to what they are today. He also worked in exciting product areas at the likes of Google, PayPal, and SurveyMonkey. 

“I originally got into product management and development in fintech because I wanted to help people get access to necessary financial products,” says Praveen. “This transition into PayZen is a natural next step. Healthcare in the United States is broken and inaccessible to the people who need it most. Being able to bring something so important into the lives of people who need it – helping them in a moment of vulnerability – is at the core of what I want to do. And PayZen is the perfect place for me to make that happen.” 

The Ideal Choice for PayZen’s Future

“At PayZen, every decision we make is squarely aimed at adding value to the lives of our patients,” shares Itzik Cohen, PayZen’s Co-Founder and CEO. “This commitment is woven into the very fabric of our organization, and Praveen embodies this ethos like no one else. His career journey, marked by diverse yet interconnected roles in product management, has uniquely positioned him to tackle the healthcare affordability problem in the U.S. With a track record of delivering exceptional and accessible products, Praveen is the ideal leader to help us make a meaningful impact on those who need it most.” 

Learn more about PayZen’s next chapter in today’s news announcement.

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