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Careers are funny, man. If you had checked in on me a year ago, you would’ve found someone who wasn’t actively seeking change. I was working for a great company as a GM and SVP, and not really looking to rock the boat too much. In short, I was comfortable.

But opportunity has a way of presenting itself. At this point in my career, I feel like I’ve done enough to prove my value. I’ve built businesses; I’ve built teams. I’ve seen struggling divisions and scaled them year over year, sometimes accomplishing triple-digit growth. Being in a “comfortable” position is all some hope for at this stage in their career.

So when recruiters started calling me in early 2021, I was a little bit reserved. I mean, these were great positions that were coming into my inbox: chief revenue officer and president roles. But none of these opportunities were compelling enough for me to upend what I had going in my current role.

Then Josh Clarke reached out to me about PayZen. Making healthcare affordable? Well, that’s something that’ll get me jazzed up in the morning. But you hear a mission like that, and it’s appropriate to approach it with some level of skepticism. Is it for real?

The more I learned about the business, and the more I got to know the people involved, the more I understood that PayZen was the right move for me because of their great mission and great team.

The PayZen Mission is Real, and It’s More Vital Now Than Ever

You don’t have to study the industry too closely to see that healthcare in the United States is a raw deal. Medical costs are out of control, and completely out of pace with the rate of inflation. Patients are being asked to shoulder more and more of the financial burden of medical costs. The average family is racking up $4,500 in medical debt each year, and bankruptcy and financial hardship as a result of medical debt is at an all-time high. It’s unsustainable.

What’s more, it’s not working for anybody. It’s what I like to call a two-headed monster. On one hand, patients are shouldering more of the cost, and on the other hand, providers aren’t getting paid for the services they offer. They’re taking it on the chin to the tune of cents on the dollar for their efforts.

When you see these statistics laid out in front of you, you see how much opportunity there is to do real good, meaningful work in the space. But then you see what current solutions exist on the market, and they’re really not solutions at all. It’s a lot of old school financial companies putting payment plans in place for patients and charging interest on top of it. This only adds to the hardship people are facing.

The more I got to understand what PayZen was doing, the more I saw how essential it was. We’re providing an elegantly simple solution to a problem facing millions of people on both sides of the healthcare crisis; patients and providers alike.

PayZen operates under a simple philosophy: people need affordable options and will pay off their debts if they’re given a fair shake to do so. So we make it easy. By analyzing individual patient data, we’re able to approve 100% of people on a 0% interest payment plan that they’re able to afford. When you put people on manageable payment plans, you find that they actually pay! We’re seeing providers increase their patient collections by a minimum of 30%; typically 50% or more.

And unlike credit card or other patient financing companies that selectively approve customers and charge higher interest rates for higher credit risk patients (which only exacerbates the problem), PayZen approves everyone. We aren’t some exclusive service only reserved for a small segment of patients with the lowest risk profile. On the contrary: PayZen is in this to do the most good for the most people. We live the mission; that’s why I love it here.

We’re Building a Skyscraper — And We’ve Got the Right Team to Do It

What drew me into PayZen was the mission, but what made it real for me was the team behind the mission. As soon as I met our Co-Founder and CEO Itzik Cohen I knew PayZen was destined for great things. Itzik leads a diverse, inclusive team that understands that we only improve when we challenge each other to be better. And when the entire team is grounded in the core mission of making healthcare affordable, the sky’s the limit to what we can accomplish.

Having a team committed to this mission makes for a strong company culture. When the goals are clear, it makes it easy to take personal politics and bureaucracy out of the equation. PayZen is a no BS, collaborative environment because we’re all aligned with what needs to be done to reach our goals.

We’re really building something great here. The growth stage of a company is always the most exciting; and at PayZen we’re building a skyscraper. With this team in place, and this mission — which I find to be a constant source of motivation and inspiration — even our most aggressive goals for this year and beyond are within our sights. And we’re hiring — so come join the fun!

Richard Lopez del Rincon

CRO of PayZen, Experienced Healthcare Executive and Entrepreneur

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We look forward to showing you how our first-of-its-kind platform can make a difference to your bottom line. We will be in touch shortly.
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Ready to schedule a demo? Just have a question?
We look forward to showing you how our first-of-its-kind platform can make a difference to your bottom line. We will be in touch shortly.
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