The Care Card is peace of mind in your pocket

A better way to pay for your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Care Card is a provider-exclusive, interest-free payment plan in your pocket.

Pay for care over time, without any interest or fees.

PayZen Care Card

How it works

Your healthcare provider will invite you to create your Care Card. Using it is simple:


Activate your account, and your virtual card will be ready instantly. A physical card will be shipped within 7 days.


Use your Care Card to pay for care at your provider, online or in person.


Split each transaction into a personalized repayment plan that fits your budget. There’s never any interest or fees.


We pay your provider instantly. You pay the card monthly.

With the PayZen Care Card your healthcare bill gets paid in full when you swipe or tap to pay. Then you make affordable monthly payments to pay off your card balance, with zero interest and no fees.


View and manage your card from our dedicated app.

View healthcare bills you’ve paid with the Care Card and manage your monthly installments easily with the PayZen app. Your payments happen automatically, but you can make additional payments or change the payment amount any time. You’re in full control.

PayZen's zero interest plan and unique payment over time offering is an opportunity for our patients to develop the payment strategy that works best for them, while still getting the level of care they deserve.

Michael FontenotSouthern Region CFO of Allegiance Health Management

This makes it simpler to afford and pay medical bills with no-interest plans on friendly, customizable terms. We understand that everyone's financial situations are different and it's our obligation to make sure our patients don't avoid or put off necessary care for financial reasons.

Robert DewarChief Revenue Officer at Geisinger

From when we first heard about PayZen and I vetted it to my team here, they all liked it. We can't really lose...this is a no brainer to me. Our patients love it too, and feedback we've gotten has been very positive.

Rodney ClarkCOO, North Sunflower Medical Center

This was very easy to setup online, and the payment amount to pay is very doable compared to my original amount that was setup. I'm very thankful that PayZen reached out to me. I didn't have to think twice to accept this process to pay out my account in a timely manner especially in this unreal time of COVID!!!

Happy patient

Still have questions? We’ve got the answers.

What is the PayZen Care Card?

The PayZen Care Card is an affordable and convenient way to pay for healthcare. Your healthcare organization and PayZen have partnered to give you a new, better way to make paying for your care easier and less stressful.

The Care Card allows you to cover your healthcare bills today and pay the balance of your bill over time, with zero interest or fees.

How do I get a PayZen Care Card?

Any healthcare organization can partner with PayZen to offer the Care Card. Ask your provider if they provide this payment option. (You can also ask PayZen whether your provider offers the Care Card.)

If your healthcare organization offers the Care Card, you need to enroll to use the card. You may receive a link inviting you to sign up for the Care Card on their website, via email or text, or receive information in the mail or via brochures where you receive care.

How do I use the PayZen Care Card?

Simply use the Care Card to pay your provider for your healthcare services, online or in person. Here’s how it works:

  • The Care Card pays the full bill amount for you. The bill is marked “paid.”
  • You pay the Care Card balance with affordable monthly payments.
  • Your payments are based on the number of months you can take to pay the full balance, as determined when you get the card.
  • The monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from your preferred payment method (most choose a checking account or debit card).

What happens when I start using my card?

When you use your Care Card for the first time, the payment method that you set up with the card is charged immediately for the first month’s payment.

Your payments will be automatically processed on time each month, so you don’t have to worry about them. You can access your account to update your payment method at any time.

When do my automatic monthly payments happen?

Your payments are made automatically to PayZen each month based on the date you first used your Care Card.

Can I use the PayZen Care Card before it arrives in the mail?

Yes! Visit your PayZen account to access your digital card, which you can use online or in person.

How do I access my account?

You can access your account by logging in at:

From there, you can access your card details and any payments you’ve made.