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Increase In Collections
Enrollment Completion
Approval Of All Patients
Interest On Payment Plans

Smart and Flexible Payment Options
For Patients and Providers

Offer the peace of mind payment option at the right time to the right person (Pre-procedure & post-procedure)

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Patient Access &
Improved Financials

Using PayZen, hospitals can dramatically increase patient`s access to healthcare while improving patient collections.

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A world-class
patient experience

100% of your patients are approved for a 0% interest, no-fee payment plan. Our plans are simple, transparent and we treat patients respectfully throughout.

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Hassle-free integration
And administration

PayZen easily integrates into a hospital’s revenue cycle systems and processes and is easy to use for patients and providers alike.

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Promote patient

Affordable payment options designed for repeat use can be used anywhere debit cards are used in your facility. We increase patient loyalty and put your brand at the center.

SignalFire Backs ‘Care Now, Pay Later’ Pioneer PayZen to Fuel Healthcare Affordability

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