NEW REPORT | The High Cost of Health: Analyzing America’s Healthcare Affordability Crisis

PayZen is on a mission to solve healthcare affordability at every stage of the patient care cycle.

Our cutting-edge technology delivers solutions that are beneficial for both patients and healthcare providers.

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Healthcare patient financing with PayZen

Why PayZen?

As patient payment responsibility skyrockets, equitable access to healthcare is becoming increasingly elusive, adding financial stress to patients and straining healthcare providers with rising costs and declining cash flows. PayZen tackles these issues head-on.

Our platform, built upon a tight EHR integration, AI and unique data sets, delivers a comprehensive healthcare affordability solution. We provide patients with personalized payment solutions and increase access to health services. Simultaneously, we fully automate the process for medical providers, improving cash flow metrics and reducing administrative complexities.

PayZen is leading patient financing companies with its AI-powered healthcare payment platform trusted by top medical providers.

Our Leadership

PayZen is steered by veteran leaders in FinTech and Healthcare who are wholly committed to crafting life-improving technology.

Itzik Cohen, PayZen Co-Founder & CEOFintech Veteran, Serial Entrepreneur, and Avid Innovator

Itzik Cohen
PayZen Co-Founder & CEO

PayZen Tobias Mezger, PayZen Co-Founder & COOSeasoned Fintech Leader, Strategic and Operational Executive

Tobias Mezger
PayZen Co-Founder & COO

Ariel Rosenthal, PayZen Co-Founder & CTOTech Leader with Experience Building and Scaling Financial Systems

Ariel Rosenthal
PayZen Co-Founder & CTO

Chiranjib Gupta, PayZen Chief Risk OfficerExpert in AI/ML and Credit Risk Management

Chiranjib Gupta
PayZen Chief Risk Officer

Praveen Chandran, PayZen Chief Product OfficerExperienced Founder and Fintech Product Leader

Praveen Chandran
PayZen Chief Product Officer

Veteran Financial Services Leader

Antonio Martino
PayZen Chief Financial Officer

Our Investors

PayZen is backed by the world's top investors in healthcare and technology, including SignalFire, Viola Group, and 7Wire Ventures.

Signal Fire - PayZen Investor
Viola - PayZen Investor
7 Wire Ventures - PayZen Investor

Join us on our mission to restore equity in healthcare with the most holistic affordability platform for patients and providers.