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Grow your circle of payers

Not all patients are created equal. Using data and advanced analytics we help you identify patients who will likely join the circle of payers when offered a payment plan. We then engage patients across multiple channels and touchpoints with targeted messages and payment plan offers. We treat your patients in a friendly and transparent way from enrollment to repayment.

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Treat patients to
smart payment plans

Patients have different financial situations. So why treat everyone the same? PayZen uses unique data and AI-powered risk tools to offer a medical payment plan each patient can afford. Miss a payment? Monthly cost too high? No problem. We work with patients to maximize repayment success. And we never charge interest or fees.

Increase collections on patient responsibility

The average yield on patient responsibility is only 15%. With our smart plans and successful engagement strategy, PayZen raises that to 70% on average. Plus, we fund 100% of payment plans on a non-recourse basis. So patients get an easy path to repayment, and you get a revenue boost while knowing your patients are getting a world-class experience.

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Add PayZen to your platform

Unlike enterprise billing platforms which require massive implementation efforts and high fixed costs, PayZen can easily work with your existing system – with zero upfron costs. PayZen offers flexible integration points to get you up and running in only four weeks. And our intuitive dashboard allows your team to easily manage the solution with minimal staff training required.