Bring Financial Health To Healthcare with PayZen's Affordability Platform

We use advanced technology to solve healthcare affordability end-to-end, leading to happier, healthier patients, and improved financial outcomes for providers.

Our leading healthcare payment platform uses unique datasets to power our proprietary model that identifies the best solution for each patient to access and afford care, while removing the administrative burden for providers. Our platform is fully automated and seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare systems such as Epic MyChart or Flywire, delivering an unrivaled patient experience.


Increase patient payments by 30% and unlock capital without recourse

Drive additional opt-ins for patient payment plans

Offer patients affordable healthcare payment plans rather than sending accounts to bad debt. We approve 100% of your patients, offer them payment options up to 60 months based on their unique ability to pay, and never charge interest, leading to high take-rates and a substantial lift in patient payments.

Accelerate capital without recourse

We get healthcare providers out of the financial services business by paying you up front without recourse. You no longer have to spend time managing and reconciling in-house payment plans, and with our Provider360 portal, you have full visibility into your patient financing program results at any time.

PayZen Provider360 portal

Free up time with our automated solution

From engagement to plan enrollment to servicing, our healthcare patient financing solution is fully automated. There are no IT costs, no burden on your revenue cycle management staff, and most providers go live within 4 weeks.


Increase patient access & drive loyalty

Remove financial barriers to care with the Care Card

The PayZen Care Card includes all the benefits of our healthcare patient financing solution in a physical and virtual debit card for convenient and ongoing use. Offer the Card to patients ahead of scheduled procedures or for longer care cycles.

PayZen Care Card solution
PayZen Healthcare Payment Platform
PayZen Care Card for patients

Put affordability in your patients’ pockets

Patients can use the card to split any charges with your health system into affordable monthly payments. Card activation is instant and the card terms are tailored to your patients’ unique circumstances.

Put affordability in your patients’ pockets
Drive repeat use with your health system

Drive repeat use with your health system

The Care Card is white labeled to your health system and we support you in promoting it as an exclusive healthcare financing solution for your patients.


Automate assessment of patient financial eligibility

PayZen's vision is broader than helping patients break large balances into monthly payments: we use data, automation, and AI/ML to solve healthcare affordability holistically. Some patients qualify for financial assistance, government programs, or a settlement. We’re building a trusted healthcare payment platform that ensures patients are enrolled in the best option or program to afford their care.


PayZen delivers a superior ROI from Day One

PayZen delivers a superior ROI

Baseline Patient Payments

Increased patient payment adherence

More patients elect to pay, rather than being sent to bad debt

Better servicing & cash acceleration

Patients are more successful making monthly payments, allowing for high pre-funding rates

Increased volume of healthcare services

More patients use medical services if they know they can afford their care

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