NEW REPORT | The High Cost of Health: Analyzing America’s Healthcare Affordability Crisis

Healthcare Affordability In America Report

PayZen surveyed over 1,000 consumers and it’s clear they want to pay their healthcare debts. But the bills are simply unaffordable, affecting more than just their bank accounts in the present.


The average American can afford $97 per month for out-of-pocket medical expenses.


For most consumers, paying for healthcare is a priority

Though three-quarters of consumers are worried about affording unexpected medical bills, when given some hypothetical situations, respondents demonstrated that they are willing to pay for care.

91% say they’d cancel a planned vacation to cover a significant medical bill.

36% skipped or postponed needed medical care in the last 12 months because of the cost alone, and 49% of this group said that their health problems worsened as a result.


There is a need and desire to make payments over extended periods

There are myriad approaches to dealing with rising healthcare costs, but there is consensus that people would have no problem paying off large bills if they were able to do it over a longer period.

81% say the ability to spread payments over a term longer than a year would positively affect loyalty to their healthcare provider.

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