NEW REPORT | The High Cost of Health: Analyzing America’s Healthcare Affordability Crisis

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Solve healthcare affordability

With PayZen you get a platform-based approach to healthcare affordability that gives patients manageable, interest- and fee-free payments through AI-powered technology and gets providers paid more, faster.

Superior patient experience through custom payment options

AI-powered underwriting evaluates 30k data points (including soft credit pull) to determine what a patient can afford and offers personalized payment options with always – 0% interest and never any fees.

Immediate cash acceleration & reduced A/R

Every payment plan is pre-funded without recourse (regardless of credit worthiness) after the patient makes the first payment, leading to a 30%+ increase in patient collections over existing baseline.

Reduced burden on your staff to manage pay over time plans

Automation in payment plan offers, enrollment, and ongoing management frees up billing and RCM staff to focus on mission-critical tasks instead of chasing down unpaid balances.