The Care Card is here.
But it’s not a credit card.

It’s a healthcare payment plan in your pocket. Brought to you by Geisinger and PayZen.


The Care Card is a new, better way to pay for your healthcare services over time. PayZen is Geisinger’s healthcare affordability partner, and together we help make it easier and more affordable to pay for the care you need.

Product Screenshot with payment plan

 No hidden fees and always 0% interest

The Care Card is 100% free for everyone. There are no service fees, no late charges, and never any interest on payments. We simply help you pay over time so your healthcare is more affordable.

Every patient can enroll – no credit applications

Geisinger patients are eligible for the Care Card, and you can sign up anytime. There’s no credit application and your credit score won’t be affected.

Limits and payments personalized for you

Everyone’s situation is unique. PayZen’s technology generates card limits and payment amounts tailored to your needs. When you use the Care Card, we pay Geisinger right away while you pay over time with a custom monthly payment that won’t break the bank.

Easy to sign up, easy to manage your plan

Signing up takes about a minute. You’ll enjoy automatic payments and payment reminders. If your circumstances change, so can your plan. Our customer care team is there when you need help.

How it works



Follow a few simple steps to activate your Care Card. You’ll get a virtual card to use right away, and receive your physical card in about 5 days.


Use your Care Card for expenses at Geisinger. We’ll cover the full amount and create a manageable monthly plan.


Every month we’ll make sure your payments are on time. We’re always here for you.

That’s it!

Customer Satisfaction 10/10

This was very easy to setup online, and the payment amount to pay is very doable compared to my original amount that was setup. I'm very thankful that PayZen reached out to me. I didn't have to think twice to accept this process to pay out my account in a timely manner especially in this unreal time of COVID!!!

Happy Patient

Still have questions?

We’ve got answers

What is the PayZen Care Card?

The PayZen Care Card is an affordable and convenient way to pay for healthcare. Your healthcare organization and PayZen have partnered to give you a new, better way to make paying for your care easier and less stressful.


The Care Card allows you to cover your healthcare bills today and pay the balance of your bill over time, with zero interest or fees.

How do I get a PayZen Care Card?

Any healthcare organization can partner with PayZen to offer the Care Card. Ask your provider if they provide this payment option. (You can also ask PayZen whether your provider offers the Care Card.)


If your healthcare organization offers the Care Card, you need to enroll to use the card. You may receive a link inviting you to sign up for the Care Card on their website, via email or text, or receive information in the mail or via brochures where you receive care.

How do I use the PayZen Care Card?

Simply use the Care Card to pay your provider for your healthcare services, online or in person. Here’s how it works:

  • The Care Card pays the full bill amount for you. The bill is marked “paid.”
  • You pay the Care Card balance with affordable monthly payments.
  • Your payments are based on the number of months you can take to pay the full balance, as determined when you get the card. 
  • The monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from your preferred payment method (most choose a checking account or debit card).

What happens when I start using my card?

When you use your Care Card for the first time, the payment method that you set up with the card is charged immediately for the first month’s payment. 


Your payments will be automatically processed on time each month so you don’t have to worry about them. You can access your account to update your payment method at any time.

When do my automatic monthly payments happen?

Your payments are made automatically to PayZen each month based on the date you first used your Care Card.

Can I use the PayZen Care Card before it arrives in the mail?

Yes! Visit your PayZen account to access your digital card, which you can use online or in person.

How do I access my account?

You can access your account by logging in at: 


From there, you can access your card details and any payments you’ve made.

If you have additional questions or you’re having trouble setting up your Care Card, contact the PayZen support team at 888-849-7647 or email us: