What is Affordability Financing?

It’s the Zen of Win/Win with a revolutionary new approach.

Revenue lift & cash acceleration for providers. Affordability and peace of mind for patients.

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Affordability Financing addresses the root problem

Existing payment plans and vendor programs focus on revenue capture, not the patient’s fundamental ability to afford a monthly payment. But reversing this equation is the real key to maximizing revenue capture for providers. 1-to-1 custom payment plans with open-to-all digital enrollment, yields the highest possible revenue for providers and the best experience for patients.


Approval of all patients
Interest on payment plans


Increase in collections


Days in A/R

Patient Access &
Improved Financials

Using PayZen, hospitals have dramatically increased patients’ access to healthcare while improving patient collections by 30% to upwards of 50%.

A World-Class
Patient Experience

100% of your patients are approved for a 0% interest, no-fee payment plan. Our plans are simple, transparent and we treat patients respectfully throughout.

Hassle-Free Integration
& Administration

PayZen easily integrates into a hospital’s revenue cycle systems and processes without any IT cost. It’s easy to use for patients, and turn-key for providers.

Promote Patient

Truly affordable payment options help you strengthen relationships and maintain volumes. You’ll increase patient loyalty and boost your brand.

Post-Service: personalized payment plans

PayZen provides individualized patient payment options with plans up to 60 months, no interest or fees. All patients are eligible and provider funding occurs at first payment, 100% non-recourse.

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Pre-Service and Recurring: personalized Care Card

Ideal for pre-service payment, pharmacy, and recurring care scenarios. The Care Card lets patients get care now and pay over time, helping care avoidance and promoting population health. Balances automatically convert to personalized, zero-interest payment plans.

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PayZen helps hospitals, health systems, and physicians groups of all sizes

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What providers and patients say about PayZen

PayZen's zero interest plan and unique payment over time offering is an opportunity for our patients to develop the payment strategy that works best for them, while still getting the level of care they deserve.

Michael FontenotSouthern Region CFO of Allegiance Health Management

From when we first heard about PayZen and I vetted it to my team here, they all liked it. We can't really lose...this is a no brainer to me. Our patients love it too, and feedback we've gotten has been very positive.

Rodney ClarkCOO, North Sunflower Medical Center

This was very easy to setup online, and the payment amount to pay is very doable compared to my original amount that was setup. I'm very thankful that PayZen reached out to me. I didn't have to think twice to accept this process to pay out my account in a timely manner especially in this unreal time of COVID!!!

Happy patient

This makes it simpler to afford and pay medical bills with no-interest plans on friendly, customizable terms. We understand that everyone's financial situations are different and it's our obligation to make sure our patients don't avoid or put off necessary care for financial reasons.

Robert DewarChief Revenue Officer at Geisinger

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