A first-of-its-kind Affordability Financing platform

As the share of patient responsibility billings continues to increase, more patients require extended payment terms, straining provider finances and revenue cycle staff.

PayZen is the next generation of patient financing. PayZen delivers better financial outcomes for you and your patients from day one. Our platform leapfrogs traditional patient financing results, is quick to implement, and integrates well with your existing revenue cycle and engagement solutions.

Smart Payment Plans & Non-Recourse Patient Financing

Better for patients

  • Payment plans that fit the patient’s
    budget from 3 to 60 months
  • 100% of patients can enroll 
  • No hidden fees and always 0% interest
  • Superior patient experience throughout; never aggressive collections tactics or legal strategies

Better for providers

  • 50% increased collections rate
  • No-recourse cash flow acceleration 
  • No IT investments or fixed fees; upside-driven
  • No need to manage in-house extended plans

Plans instantly tailored to patient financial circumstances

  • Unique data assets with 30,000 data points (including full credit attributes from soft pull)
  • Highly tailored payment plan offerings
  • Accurate pricing of risk
  • Full transparency for providers

Ease of integration

  • Fast and simple integration leveraging
    existing “rails” 
  • Works harmoniously with
    existing systems
  • 4-week integration time
  • SOC 2, HIPAA compliant, CORL reviewed