PayZen personalized payment plans

Maximize your patient collections. PayZen provides individualized patient payment options with plans up to 60 months, no interest or fees. All patients are eligible and provider funding occurs at first payment, 100% non-recourse.

A win-win affordability solution

Improved Financials & Cash Acceleration

Using PayZen, hospitals have increased patient collections by 30% or more, with zero days in A/R on all payment plans.

Patient Access and a World-Class Experience

100% of your patients are approved for a 0% interest, no-fee payment plan. Our plans are simple, transparent and we treat patients respectfully throughout.

Hassle-Free Integration
& Administration

PayZen easily integrates into existing revenue cycle systems and processes without any IT cost. It’s easy to use for patients, and turn-key for providers.

Promote Patient Loyalty

Truly affordable payment options help you strengthen relationships and maintain volumes. You’ll increase patient loyalty and boost your brand.

How it works

PayZen is a fully automated solution, easy for patients and providers alike.


Fast ROI with easy 4 week go-live

PayZen was designed to work seamlessly with existing EHR systems and payment portals, such as EPIC or Flywire, or to integrate to other systems via our robust API.

Or we can securely exchange data via CSV file to get going quickly. There’s no software to license or implement, and no IT costs to get up and running quickly with PayZen. Our average implementation takes about 4 weeks, but if you’ve got your balance file ready? Go live and start receiving cash in 2 weeks.


Increase patient commitments

Whether through digital, paper, or in-person communication, PayZen’s omni-channel engagement delivers the right message in the right place at the right time.

Patients see the benefits and ease of creating a personalized payment plan with no interest or fees ever –  all seamlessly delivered with provider branding.

The great patient engagement experience leads to high take-rates on these personalized plans, generating substantial lift in collection rates for providers.


Fast, easy, personalized experience

Enrollment is easy and takes around a minute, with no credit application to complete.

Patients choose from customized, one-to-one payment plan options that fit their needs and ability to pay.

Behind the scenes, PayZen applies our financial and credit underwriting expertise and our sophisticated AI-enabled risk models to instantly analyze and underwrite each individual patient.


Day-1 cash with maximum yield

PayZen’s innovative technology and risk-pricing expertise let us accept all patients regardless of credit profile and maximize cash collection for providers.

We’re doing dynamic and sophisticated risk pricing using AI and Machine Learning, to arrive at the best yield possible for providers while still managing for anticipated credit risk and default rates. PayZen has the scale to finance the patient billing volumes of even the largest healthcare systems.

Once the payment source for each plan is verified, an adjustment file is automatically sent to the provider for the full weighted balance – so providers get paid up-front, with zero days in A/R, 100% non-recourse. The debt is off your books and the cash is in-hand.

PayZen can fund on any schedule including daily, and our Provider360 portal gives full transparency on plan transactions, volumes, and pricing, and overall plan yield.


Optimizing repayment and customer experience

PayZen also handles all servicing on behalf of our providers. Patients can easily self-manage their plans on-line, as well as email, chat, or talk live with support specialists to help manage changing needs and circumstances.

Patients can adjust payment amounts, make one time payments, change payment dates, arrange to pause payments temporarily, and other adjustments if the need arises.

We work with each patient to ensure the best outcome for them, delivering fair and flexible payback terms and never sending patients to collections or engaging in any aggressive collection or legal actions against patients.

The result is a best-in-class patient experience (Net Promoter Score of 60+) leading to high payment adherence — which in turn drives our best-in-class provider pricing.

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We created PayZen to help solve healthcare affordability, with a new and modern approach that creates a win-win for patients and providers.
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