A FinTech Solution To Address Healthcare Affordability For Everyone

Provide Your Patients Peace Of Mind And Improve Your Cash Flow

Let’s face it, healthcare is expensive and becoming unaffordable for many. Medical providers are stuck in the middle, receiving less compensation from payers while trying to collect more from patients. PayZen addresses this problem. We offer 100% of patients a healthcare payment card they can use at any time for any health related expense. All with zero interest and fees.

Offer PayZen At Any Point In The Care Cycle

PayZen’s payment options can be offered at any stage of care; pre-procedure, post-procedure, or just as a peace of mind. The PayZen card is accepted anywhere debit cards are used. Enrollment is free and we accept 100% of patients.

Good For Patients And For Medical Providers

PayZen funds providers daily. We can finance and fund our providers on a non-recourse basis or offer a servicing-only option. Our goal is to provide full flexibility and simplicity to providers while delivering a superior experience to patients.

Predictive Propensity To Pay Modeling

By partnering with PayZen, providers gain access to our predictive modeling power. With a simple data integration, PayZen can automatically offer its convenient payment option to the right patients at the right time and using the right engagement channel. We fully automate this process and deliver value from day one – by lifting collections at every step of the patient journey.